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By Jen Robinson

Did you know your skin is affected by everything that you eat? Our skin is the largest organ on our body and taking care of it from the inside out is very important. Have you ever noticed your skin changing? What about your skin not looking its best? What about the texture? Is it rough, tough, or thick? Our skin changes with the seasons. It’s important to take note what your skin is doing, under what circumstances, and address it accordingly.

With the winter months soon approaching, dry, flaky, dull skin is always a huge concern. You can begin to diminish or even prevent those conditions to your skin simply by eating the right foods, such as vitamin-rich and superfoods. There are many options when purchasing these great health resources. Grocery stores, Farmers markets, even monthly produce boxes that deliver to your door are viable options. Making healthy choices is truly at your fingertips. Some vitamin-rich foods include:

Vitamin A: Carrots, Kale, Spinach, Pumpkin

Vitamin C: Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Citrus

Vitamin E: Olive Oil, Walnut Oil, Oats, Tomato, Carrots

While you may not find some of these samples appealing, there is no doubt about the health benefits gained from them for your entire body. Millennials have coined the term “Food-to-face” referencing an inside-out approach to skin care. This is where it’s at and how you can make your skin the healthiest it can be.

Superfoods are another great source for skin health. Superfoods are nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, natural foods that are minimally processed. These foods can be absorbed easily in the body and therefore have a big impact on your skin. Your body needs a healthy balance of nutrients, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These superfoods nourish the skin, as well as, lock in moisture. Superfoods come in a variety of forms:

*Avocado is a great source of healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, and folic acid.

*Cucumbers are low in calories, but high in vitamin and minerals, plus, 95% water which make them great for hydrating the skin.

*Matcha, otherwise known as Green Tea, has been around for ages. Matcha is a potent form of green tea and is rich in antioxidants.

*Almonds are a healthy fat. They are also rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, and loaded with Vitamin E.

*Berries have always been known to be a form of antioxidants. They are high in Vitamin C, B6, and K.

Not only can you ingest these nutrients, but topically apply them, as well. Healthy skin really begins from the inside. A proper diet rich in nutrients can make all the difference in the world to your skin. Moreover, a healthy diet will only improve overall health.

Currently, there are skin care products on the market that can protect your skin barrier from the outside in. The trick is making sure you’re protecting it from the inside out. When it comes to our busy lives, the key is planning ahead. The benefits of vitamin enriched and superfoods have an overall positive effect on our skin from the inside out. Take pride in caring for your skin. You can prevent many conditions that can occur when the weather changes. What will you do in preparation for the winter months?


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This article is courtesy of our good friends Jen Robinson and FredAlive.

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