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RARE CrossFit announces a FREE holiday resource to help you beat the holiday bulge!

Skyrocket your chances of starting off 2019 healthy and happy. The average person in Fredericksburg gains between 3-10 pounds in December alone! Make this year different.

FREDERICKSBURG, VA’s RARE CrossFit,, announces a special edition Holiday Survival Guide available for free to help people, not only maintain their weight during the traditional time of the year when people tend to overeat, but to change critical behaviors which will impact them the rest of their life.

In an effort to help people change unhealthy habits at one of the most difficult times of the year, in addition to their Holiday Survival Guide, owners Adam and Lee are happy to be your accountability system through this process!

RARE CrossFit will also be offering a "Bring a Friend Week" during the holiday season starting on Dec. 10th to promote health and camaraderie through the season.  Starting January 12th, RARE CrossFit is running a New Year program “RARE Boot Camp” Troop 032 classes at their 10941 Houser Drive location for those looking for a personalized solution to hit your 2019 goals. 

Still unsure? According to ACE Certified News the following are five very important reasons why sitting this holiday season out in terms of physical activity is not a good idea.  Studies have shown...

  • An inactive lifestyle is a positive risk factor for coronary heart disease.
  • Hours of time just sitting may adversely affect the body's metabolism, blood chemistry and overall physiology which could lead to disease and an early death.
  • When muscles, especially leg muscles, are idle they stimulate or suppress various hormones that affect triglycerides, cholesterol and marker for heart disease among other diseases.
  • Most adults spend more than 70 percent of their waking hours working at a desk, riding in a car, eating meals, playing video games and watching TV.
  • Sedentary behavior appears to be an important stand-alone component in terms of overall heath and wellness.

"It's an opportunity to lose weight, get in shape and start off 2019 feeling and looking great.  People will have someone to hold them accountable and to guide them every step of the way.  They can come in and meet new people, experience something fun and different, and they'll be doing something positive for their overall health and well-being. It's a no-lose situation. "

About RARE CrossFit: Established in 2008, RARE CrossFit is a community bound by the daily pursuit of excellence. We have been recognized by our members for providing a safe, effective, high-intensity training experience, in a supportive community environment, through our expert programming and experienced coaching staff. Unlike other CrossFit affiliates, we don’t focus on games athletes, and we are not in the habit of ripping our shirts off to impress others. We focus on your individual goals and needs through our expert coaching, nutrition, and accountability.

We appreciate you.

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