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Transformation Tuesday and the Richmond Marathon at RARE CrossFit Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford’s premier CrossFit Facility!

“ Learn to love to run” was the tagline that drew me into the RxUN Doctor training program at RARE CrossFit.

I am a serial rollercoaster runner. I’ll train for a run, complete the run and never run again until the next year. I really wanted to enjoy running. I couldn’t wait to learn the secret.

Adam, our coach, committed his time to train us and promised that we would be able to run any race with minimum on-road training.

He asked us to commit, trust the process and enjoy the journey.

So I did. I showed up to 98 percent of the training, committed to run the Richmond 8k, which my goal was to decrease my 8k time.

Adam was there every step of the way. He taught me a new running technique that decreased injury. We discussed nutrition, proper clothing, race day protocols and he even called each of us on the eve of the race. We practiced, practiced, practiced.

Race day: I was ready. The Rare Running Team was ready.  I’d committed and now it was time for me to test the process that I had trusted.

The process worked. I finished the race 6 minutes below the last time that I had completed a 5 miler.

The excitement was watching each team member complete their goals, some running an 8k, half marathon or marathon for the first time.

Thank you, Adam, for everything.....

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