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What is RARE? 

How do you build a Healthy and Fit Community in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, King George, and Stafford Virginia?

How can I be apart of this?

What? Another Gym? It seems like there is a gym of some type on every corner. We see the ads on TV or get the fliers in the mail. I know I personally have. There are currently 55 Fitness Facilities within a 20-mile radius of RARE.  Many times I have said, "One day I will go and get in shape, one day". I have even taken that first step and went and signed up for memberships, multiple memberships. Of course, everyone says their gym is the "BEST".  But no matter what, I had the same results and experience. I looked at myself and thought, either something was wrong with me or that I just need to accept the way my body looked and felt. 

So what makes RARE any different than other gyms/ fitness facilities in the area? 

RARE is on a mission to build a Healthy and Fit community. RARE is a locally owned fitness facility in the Fredericksburg area, offering a variety of services to help our clients meet their goals. However, there is so much more to RARE. 

For RARE to build a Healthy and Fit Community, we must be apart of the community. RARE believes in helping support local charities and attend local events. Here are some of the ways that RARE has supported or been a part of our community:

  • RARE has supported the ASK childhood cancer foundation through sponsorship and participation in its annual golf tournament. RARE also attended the ASK Foundation's Fredericksburg Summer Enrichment program and provided some fitness games and activities for the youth in the program. It was a lot of fun!



  •  RARE is currently donating $50 to the local SPCA or other supported charity for every new sign up.  RARE has invited the SPCA to bring the dogs over to run and get a work out with our members.  RARE even adopted one of the puppies that attended. 

  •  RARE is currently donating $50 to the Friends of the Rappahannock or other supported charity for every new sign up.    


  • RARE has helped Support the YOGA Foundation Of Fredericksburg (YOFO). RARE has provided a space for YOFO to offer the community yoga on Sundays for a donation for their mission. YOFO funds 40-50 free yoga classes every month for under-served groups and individuals in our community, with a special emphasis on children and families and those with special needs. YOFO believe that yoga can be transnational in helping create connections and balance between mind, body, and breath: healing and strengthening individuals, and spreading peace through the community one pose at a time.         
  •  RARE has supported and donated to families with the Fairy Godmother Project,  Hope House, and the Salvation Army.   

  • RARE has also partnered with Agora downtown coffee for donations and support of  Children's Home Society of Virginia   

Rare is always interested in helping and supporting our community and charities that are close to our member's hearts. If you have a local charity that is close to your heart that you would like for RARE to support or be apart of let us know.

RARE understands that it is a lot harder to build a Healthy and Fit Community on our own. We have partnered with Local Business who support the mission of Building a Healthy and Fit Fredericksburg.

  • Alive by Design Chiropractic:
  • Fusion Physical Therapy:
  • Olde Skool Tours:
  • Complete Nutrition:
  • Century 21 millennium:

If you are interested in joining our mission of Building a Healthy and Fit Fredericksburg call us at 540-412-8417.

Not only does RARE care about the community we live in RARE takes the time to have our own inside community that all are welcome. RARE's members' age ranges from 14 years old to 65 years old. RARE polled it's members and asked what is the number one reason that you continue to come to RARE and the number one reason was a community. At RARE you will see everyone at different stages in their fitness journey and stages of life, lending a hand to help grow and encourage each other. It is one of the top things that places RARE above all others. It is what it takes to #BeRARE.

RARE also takes time to care about their members. We offer Free Skills Clinics, Nutrition classes and Free Goal setting meeting s with all of our members.  The classes are the most individualized group fitness that you could ever be a part of. The workouts can be scaled up or down depending on your needs and goals. The coaches are trained and are leading and helping at every class you are never alone.

Your goals and your ability to reach them are what RARE focus's one. RARE's mission is to build a healthy and fit Fredericksburg and it starts with you.  RARE's programs include Personal Training, RARE Bootcamp, RARE Fit, and RARE CrossFit.

Every two weeks RARE and it's partners offer a FREE class for the community. All fitness levels welcome. Join us on a Saturday at 10 am to see what makes RARE RARE! Real People, RARE Results!

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