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Wednesday July 25th

Warm up

10 cal row

2 x Through

5 Wall Balls

10 1 arm db HC and Jerks

5 Press

5 Push Press

10 scap push ups


A)Push press

Every 2 mins (6 Rounds)

Rds 1-2: 5 Push Press

Rds 3-4: 5 Push Press

Rds 5-6: 5 Push Press

*building sets. goal is to finish at 75-80% of 1rm.


B) Conditioning

3 rounds

30/21 cal row

25 Wall Balls

20 1-Arm Dumbell Hang Clean and Jerks

*if you chose the row option the previous day you are on the bike today (25/18 bike cal)


C) Accessory Work

100 Banded tricep pushdowns

50 banded pull aparts

50 banded tricep pushdowns

50 banded pull aparts

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