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Great Thursday evening everyone!

First and foremost I want to give a big shoutout and thank you to Rebecca Lovley for leading this charge and for challenging herself.

You are appreciated.

We started our 2018 Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon training two weeks ago and everyone is doing awesome.
What a great start team.

If you haven't registered yet here is the link:

Below are a few pictures.

The first picture is where you are right now...
the start line... of something you are a little unsure of.

You're a little nervous.
Maybe still a little unsure.
Maybe you're thinking what the hell have I done?

Believe me, you won't be in this same place 5 months from now. That will be a different start line... after your training, your preparation, and this amazing community of people standing with you encouraging you each step of the way.

I can guarantee you'll still be a little nervous, as will I, and everyone else stepping up to the start line. All for different reasons and all for one same reason. To accomplish our goal of finishing the race. Whatever that may be for each of us.

I promise you now. If you commit to the training you will finish the race. You will feel amazing and better than you ever have before.

The second picture is everyone who showed up two ago and started training. I just wanted to say I am proud of each of you and this is a great start. Thank you for coming out and putting your trust in RARE.

The third picture is a dear friend and retired RARE Coach Mike before he started working out with RARE. He was a 2 pack a day smoker, 30 pounds overweight and in his own words... "fat ass lazy couch potato."

The fourth picture is Mike... 2 years later... finishing his first 100 Mile Ultra Marathon called the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler.

I wanted to share his story with all of you briefly to Inspire, Impact, and Influence each and every one of you.

When Mike joined up, he walked up to me 2 weeks later and said to me... "hey coach, not to be rude, but your kind of stupid, why would you ever want to run 100 miles?"

I said: "Mike, it was just a goal I wanted to accomplish. Something I wanted to prove to myself I could do."

From that moment forward Mike was a different person. That little chit chat changed his life and to this day he is in amazing shape, has kept the weight off and never picked up a cigarette again.

I hope some of you read this and realize you can do anything you want. You can make any dream a reality.

Show up, do the work. Come from a place of value. Lend a helping hand.

Add value to others. Support, encourage and help inspire someone else today.

Make a difference in your life and those around you.

Appreciate you,
Coach Adam Eidson



Wednesday July 11th

De-load week


Warm up

Hip mobility rig

2 x Through

5 OHS 45/35

5 HS Snatch

5 SS

5 Ring Rows

5 Scap Pull ups




Squat Snatch (95/65) (85/55) (75/45)



B) Skills

Alt on the min for 10 minutes

Odd – 18/14 Cal Row

Even – Max Strict HSPU in :30 (kipping/Wall hold) remaining :30 is rest 

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