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RARE CrossFit won "Best of the Burg"!

Now is your chance to get fit and give back to our Fredericksburg SPCA.


RARE is generously giving $50 for everyone who signs up for our Troop 030

summer boot camp starting August 18th.

Call today to sign up and donate to your local SPCA!



Saturday June 30th


Warm UP

Coaches Choice


A) Split Jerk: Every 1:30 x 7

1 Pausing Repetittion (1 Second Dip and Catch)

1 Split Jerk

*All reps taken from the blocks or Rack


B) Push Press (10 mins)

5 X 5: building weight

*after each set complete 20 GHD s/u


C) For Time with a continuous running clock: 

5 rounds

7 Bar M/US

12 Dumbell Thrusters (50/35)

50’ HS walk

-5min Recovery



D) Then for time

3 rounds

20 Def HSPU

20 Alt Pistols

20/14 Assault Bike


Directly into


For time

10 Cleans 225

10 Front Squats

10 Push Jerks


E) Accessory Work

4 Sets

10 Single Arm Dumbbell Press 

10 Romanian DL

15 Close grip push ups

15 Weighted Hip Extn



A) C&J EMOM x 10

20 D/U + 1 Clean and Jerk

*athletes choice on initial load as well as squat or power. Each set is a build and need to finish at or near 90% or 1rm M


B) Conditioning

Teams of 3

400 M Sandbag Run

100 DL (155/105) (135/95) (115/80)

400 M Sandbag Run

80 HPC 

400 M Sandbag Run

60 Front Squats

400 M Sandbag Run

40 Push Jerks

400 M Sandbag Run

20 Clusters

*clusters is a squat clean thruster

*Sandbag is switched at the 200 m point on the run. If the sandbag touches the ground during the switch; whole team does 5 burpees before the start of the next movement. Reps increase by 3 for the penalty for each additional drop

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