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Thank You for Voting Us "Best Health Club" and "Best Personal Trainer" in Fredericksburg- RARE CrossFit Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford’s premier CrossFit Facility!



And wanted to say Thank You to each and every one of you who voted for RARE!


We are on a Mission to make Fredericksburg the Fittest and Healthiest City in America.

The first 10 years of our business has been an amazing journey and Lee and I have appreciated every minute of it. The next 10 years will be more amazing and we're more excited now than we ever have been about RARE!


As a special gift, we are offering 20, Unlimited Memberships at $150/month!

Lee and I get asked all the time why we put so much effort into RARE, our fitness facility, and our community...

…when we should be taking more time for each other and our family.

There are many reasons, however here are the three that really stand out.

Reason #1: We are on a mission to make Fredericksburg the Fittest and Healthiest city in America.

Whether you want to wake up tomorrow and feel more amazing than you have in 10 years or you want to lose 20 pounds, everyone has a different goal. Being fit and healthy means something different to everyone and we support that.

Reason #2: We love being healthy, fit and educating others.

Yes, we're in a position to both teach other business owners AND our community, so we're actually spending time with people we feel are our family.

Reason #3: We get to positively impact and change so many people's lives…

…it never gets old seeing posts like these come through daily:

Yes, it’s hugely gratifying to watch our RARE members changing their lives, and it’s WHY we do what we do at RARE.

We appreciate you,

Adam, Lee and the RARE Team


Friday 18 May

Warm Up

Hip Mobility Rig

40 Band Pull Aparts

Lunge with rot twist

Backwards lunge

Frankenstein Walk

Bear Crawl

10 Back Squats 45/35

10 OHS 


A) Overhead Squat (12 mins)


*goal is to finish at 80% of 1rm


A) Josh

21 OHS (95/65)

42 Pull Ups

15 OHS

30 Pull Ups


18 Pull ups

*no cap

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He is survived by his wife, Heather; son, Bayley; mother, Lois Knight; father, Kris; and stepbrother, Ensign Aaron Jozsef

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