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Give a friend $50 Off Territory Meals at RARE CrossFit, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford’s premier CrossFit Facility!


Great Wednesday everyone!

For a limited time, Territory Meals is giving $50.00 off to friends and family on their first order. If you haven't tried their meals they are fantastic.

Here's the coupon code:

Also, my three favorite dishes from Territory Meals:1. Buffalo Chicken w/ Cumin Carrot Salad (SPICY) by Chef Rachelle

2. Pistachio Crusted Tuna Cakes w/ Fennel Apple Slawby Chef Rachelle

3. Ground Turkey Chili Verde (SPICY) by Chef Rachelle

If you do decide to order these amazing meals, here is a tip to save you more money. Order the XL size meals, when you receive them at RARE, cut them in half and use for 2 meals. This is what I do every day.

Hope this helps everyone!

Here's the coupon code one more time:


Wednesday 16 May

Warm Up

10 Cal Row

2 Rounds


5 PC

5 Press

5 Puss Press

5 Split Jerk

15 Double Unders


A) Barbell Conditioning (10 mins)

Power Clean + Split Jerk

Every :90 seconds

3 Pos PC + Split Jerk

1 x 60%

1 x 63%

1 x 66%

1 x 69%

1 x 72%

1 x 75%


B) Conditioning

EMOM x 12

Min 1,4,7,10 – 15 Cal Row

Min 2,5,8,11 – 6 Power Cleans

Min 3,6,9,12 – 50 Double Unders

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