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Happy Thursday everyone!!!

And do you know what that means? It is time for our #thursdayrareteamintroductions 👊💥

How about today we introduce you to Commander Carol. Here's a quick look at this great lady!

We asked her the following 12 questions.

1.     What is your Favorite WOD?

Can’t think of a favorite - like AMRAP ones with a variety of movements

2.     What is your least Favorite WOD?

Ones that are primarily lifting with high reps

3.     If you could be a superhero who would it be and why?

Supergirl - variety of superpowers - able to fly and run fast - characters always seemed to have strong moral code

4.     Kill Cliff, Fit Aid, or I just drink whatever I can do recover?

water and sometimes whey protein powder mixed with water; summertime - Nuun

5.     Why did you want to become a CrossFit Coach?

Wanted to be a commander because I love encouraging people to be their best self; love the camaraderie and fun of boot camp and showing athletes proper form

6.     Biggest accomplishment as a CrossFit athlete to this date?

getting double unders - still working on consecutive ones.  Other than that, continuing to show up even with major life changes and shoulder issues

7.     Most humbling point of your CrossFit journey as of today?

not further along in my fitness journey - cardio and strength not as improved as I had thought would be by now

8.     What is a surprising talent most people don’t know about you?

I’m really good at Pictionary

9.     Reebok, Nike or I just like to buy shoes? And then the best pair of shoes you have owned and why. 

Over all, Asics has been the best for me. Best Pair: Asics Gel Nimbus 13 - first pair of fitted expensive running shoes - ran my first half marathon in them

10.  Fav cheat meal food. 

pizza and ice cream

11.  Paleo, Zone, or I just eat what is put in front of me?

non-specific - try to eat clean most of the time - little processed and little-added sugar

12.  If you could go back to the start of your CrossFit journey what would you tell yourself?

take care of your shoulder sooner rather than later so it wouldn’t have lasted this long and be so annoying - has impeded my progress.

How cool is this lady?!?! 😆👍💪 I bet not everyone knew Carol was amazing at pictionary and has run a half marathon! #stayhumblegrindhard #ranahalfmarathon!!

We love having you at RARE commander!😍 Come on by and say hi to Carol... maybe even join one of our RARE Boot Camps.


Thursday 27April

Rest/Active Recovery Day


-Do 10 minutes of active warmup; Inchworm, wall walks, double under work, 200-400m run

-Do Crossover Symmetry for 15 minutes.

-Pick a skill and work on it for 15 minutes. Work on exposed skill from the open. 

-Do mobility for 15 minutes: 5 minutes light rowing/bike, 5 minutes of foam rolling, and 5 minutes of band work. 

*if you just completed the 55 minute cycle this is a active recovery day.

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