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Hi All! RARE CrossFit sat down with Dr. Jericho, owner of Alive by Design Chiropractic Center and one of our Community Partners.

We wanted to know more about him and why Alive by Design's decided to partner with RARE CrossFit and RARE Boot Camp.


We are Building A Fit Community.


RARE CrossFit Interview with Dr. Jericho Matthews and Alive by Design Chiropractic

For reference, here's a video file of this week's interview. Click on it to listen!

Video transcription

Coach Adam: Hey guys, coach Adam coming to you. We've got Lee the co-owner of RARE CrossFit and Dr. Jericho with Alive by Design Chiropractic. Today we brought Jericho in um, because we're on a mission to make Fredericksburg the healthiest and fittest city in America. We're building a fit community and one of our partners is Dr. Jericho. So thanks for being here Jericho. 

Dr. Jericho: Of course, of course. Always a pleasure.

Coach Adam: And we got exciting news. So if you guys notice we have our amazing new Completely RARE Experience shirts thanks to Mitchell and Mike Silverman of Complete Nutrition Fredericksburg. You guys check this out in the back. So we see this. We're building a fit community and we have our partners here.  So Complete Nutrition, Alive by Design Chiropractor, Travis with Fusion Physical Therapy and of course RARE. So we are on a mission to make Fredericksburg healthy and fit. And we love it. So Dr. Jericho so um, tell us a little about you, how did you actually get into chiropractic?

Dr. Jericho: Yeah. So, um, when I was actually in high school, I was playing football and of course in small-town Alabama where I'm from and you go to play football with the coaches. A lot of the coaches were like, hey, just go lift, you know, go work out, you know, and then, um, started taking some hits. And what ended up happening was my lower back, I actually started to misplace a little bit. So when we looked at the spine, everything should be lined up, looks great. But my lower back actually started to misplace just a little bit of course playing sports, keep going, keep going, rub some dirt on it.  And one of those kinds of things started shifting a little more in a little more into the point that I got to where I couldn't even lay in bed longer than three hours without my lower back was hurting. After that I visited a chiropractor, we took some x rays, measured everything, and started working on bringing this back into normal alignment. And ever since then I haven't had any issues with the lower back, which was always my biggest complaint and I can lay in bed longer than three hours. So I always thought, hey, there's something to this and decided to go to chiropractic school so that I could help others.

Coach Adam: So it's awesome hearing that story too Jericho. It's funny. So when we first met, I remember I was like a chiropractor. I injured my back wrestling in high school. It still bothers me to this day, but I had never been to a chiropractor because of. I was afraid that also have the terms you say all the time, which is what? The rack 'em and crack 'em and you're not that type of chiropractor?

Dr. Jericho: Absolutely not. We take, we're very specific in what we do at the office and so we do actually go in and we take x-rays, we see exactly how things are misaligned and then throughout care we re X-ray. So you actually get to see the changes in your spine as we are aligning it back up.

Coach Adam: Awesome. Awesome. You were kind of the same weren't you Lee because you don't like people messing with your neck. 

Coach Lee: Cracking my neck, I thought... oh my god I'm going to be paralyzed. But uh... not paralyzed.

Coach Adam: Which is a good thing.

Coach Lee: We go every week to see Dr. J, especially doing CrossFit and lifting weights. It's really important to stay in alignment.

Dr. Jericho: Yeah. The main thing is having the to where we never get to the point to where we're having issues because our biggest goal was the spine is a lot like teeth and so we want to make sure things are in perfect alignment so that as we're lifting and going throughout life, we're not having things slip out and ending up. It's more of like a Prehab so that we're never to the point where we are getting injured. So that's our main thing is we want to make sure everything's aligned up and when everything's lined up, wind up working better, especially with lifting and things because we're having the axial force coming down through the spine. When things are lined up, they work great and that's what we want to keep doing is making sure that everyone's lined up so that their, their lifts are working great or the muscles are actually working great. And that actual force is traveling through the spine exactly how it should be

Coach Adam: Gotcha. So Jericho, the, it's funny that um, we've had a couple of people say though to again, my first impression is a chiropractor, you only go when you're broke and they fix your things like that and that's not what we do and a lot of people have asked. It's like, Hey, I don't need the chiropractor. Or um, we've had people tell us here at the gym after somebody gets not hurt, but if they're out of whack some or we'll send them to you. But like that's not why I recommend them to come to. You were recommended to come to you, like you said, to sustain and Prehab and to keep you straight because all of us were a little out of whack. Maybe had a car accident that bumped your hips or your back. 

Dr. Jericho: Maybe you were like me and you're playing football and you took some hits or you know, maybe you were playing soccer and you have a slide tech or something like that and they could have thrown you out just a little bit. And we know that only 20 percent of the nerves in our body actually dealing with pain the rest of how we function. So they go to muscles and they go to other things. So our goal is we never want to get to that 20 percent where we are in pain. We want to make sure that you're functioning as best as you can

Coach Lee: Dr. Jericho, didn't we have a, didn't you have a patient that came to you that um, another doctor had recommended back surgery. She has been in pain for so long. How the numbness down her leg. And after she came for her first appointment, she went out to the car, called a husband in tears. 

Dr. Jericho: Yeah. That is something that we do see is we typically see a lot of people who, you know, they go in and they're just basically, hey, you got to have surgery or you got to get these shots or something along those lines and you know, what they're looking for is not the same thing that we're looking for. We're looking at that alignment to see exactly how things are and we've learned that like once we started moving that back, that starts taking pressure off that nerve and they start to feel the, oh well now I don't have to go get surgery because it is a totally different view than what the medical professionals looking at from what we look at. So yeah, we have had people who have gone out to their cars and cried because they, they were like, Whoa, I don't have to get this surgery now. So that's something that's been absolutely amazing and they can go back to their normal life of actually lifting and doing the things that they love to do. Which is what, what we really love to see is we want people doing the things they love to do so that they're not having to be like, oh, now I can't go work out, or oh I can't even pick up my kids, or something like that.

Coach Adam: So hey, let's step back a little bit Jericho, the, you know, you and I, we've known each other what? A little over a year, right? You moved up here from Alabama just about a year ago.

Dr. Jericho: I moved up here about, around three years ago, but it's been not too long.

Coach Adam: And I know the first time we met I saw your passion for actually helping people right? And I know Lee's seen that as well. So what, as we started talking, we kind of had this vision, this mission, like what brought you in? Like what, why did you want to be a part of it?

Dr. Jericho: Yeah. So I mean the biggest thing is we know that like the biggest thing with the all of us partnering together is that we know that we can create better lives for people. And so we know that when we're healthier, that our health is our greatest asset and our health is a multifaceted thing. It's not just like, oh well I know that I need to work out, or Oh, I need to do this. It's very multifaceted and there are many parts of our health, but we know that if we are able to work out, when we are able to do these things that we're going to be, not only are we going to be better, but we're going to want to do better for others, which will create better lives for the whole community around us. And that's where we really want to go is because when you lose your health, you can't be there for your loved ones. You can't be there for the people that you truly care about. And so when we have our health, then we can actually be there for others. And that's why we're really all in this together is because that's what we want as a community is when we're healthy, we can actually take care of others and do more.

Coach Adam: And the beautiful thing about it is, again, we want people to be healthy and fit and live long lives. We just happened to fitness. You just happen to do it through chiropractic care. Travis happens to do it through physical therapy and Complete Nutrition and Mitchell happen to do it through supplementation, helping out with diet. So it's pretty awesome. So, um, it's a great trio. We've realized a lot of things. None of this works if you don't if you're not aligned with core values and things like that. And we've had long conversations about what it is we actually want to do for the Fredericksburg community and it truly means a lot to us as we do want to change lives. That's why, you know, we put in the long hours. I mean, I've been here since 4:30 this morning and what it's going on 8:00. So yeah, really good stuff. Hey Jericho, so another question. Um, I think this would help the audience as well as they watch and listen, excuse me, including me. I know I injured my back wrestling in high school and I've come to you and that has been some of it, but you also notice there were other things going on and then Lee had the same thing where she had a problem with her back. So she thought.

Coach Lee: My right side tends to shift and every time I go it's the same area. 

Dr. Jericho: Yeah. So, and that's what we're really looking at like I said, so we take the x rays so that we can see so that when we have the spine, if this is shifted, then of course warmer squatting and things on that, then it's not going to do as well. We know through research that when this is sitting like that, that your squat is not going to be as powerful, the muscles of the legs are not going to be able to work as well, but we also know that these nerves go to many other things that go to our reproductive organs, our intestines and things like that. So again, when we x-Ray, we measure it. We see exactly where we're at and we'll get started working so that we start moving this back to where belongs.

Coach Adam: Yeah, it's pretty interesting. We had another coach, uh, here at RARE and she actually, her back was bothering her for a while. A little bit younger and she would push through it. We recommend to go see you. You know, I think a lot of people think it's going to be forever and it's not a. But she went out and saw and she was probably there 15 minutes and her hips are out of alignment and my goodness, that totally changed the game for her.

Dr. Jericho: And that's the thing is like, even when these hips get thrown off, this is your foundation, like you walk, you do everything on these and were built, you know, we stand on this all day and so when we're working out and we're doing things like this is where we are, when we sit down, we're sitting on that. And so throughout time we want to make sure that these are in alignment because when they're out, you know, we put pressure in the wrong areas. And so that's why it's so important to make sure that we are in alignment. And another great thing is that when we're working out and we're running and we're doing things like that, it actually helps rehydrate a lot of these lumbar disc where you hear a lot of people say, oh, well I have degeneration, or oh I have arthritis or some of those things. And it's like we know when we work out, the spine actually holds in place better. And so that's why we love partnering, you know, especially with RARE because we want things to hold in place as we're fixing it. 

Coach Lee: So by working out, staying strong and getting regular alignments, that's going to cut back on degeneration of the discs and the rubbing together.

Dr. Jericho: Yeah, it'll help cut back home degeneration and you'll see a lot of those spinal problems. Actually, you know, people won't be waking up when they're 50, 60, 70 years old and being like, oh, well now I have all these pains that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

Coach Adam: Right, right. So, so what would you say to some people as well, including myself for the longest time I thought, hey, I can just go see the chiropractor or whatever one time and I'll be OK. And you kind of changed my mindset on that as well.

Dr. Jericho: So what we know is we know that the spine, again, so it's a lot like the teeth and we know that we go to the dentist regularly to check, to see when we have a cavity and when other cavities at the beginning don't end up causing pain. That's the reason they do fillings and they do all those things. So the spine is the exact same way. We know that only 20 percent of the nerves in our entire body deal with pain. And so we want to make sure that we never get to that point, so that's the reason we make sure things are aligned so that we don't get to that point to where there is pain on that nerve. 

Coach Adam: Right, so you kind of like said with coming in, coming in and working out with us, like I said, every week, a couple of times a week. It's also what you've told us is. So now we go see you every week. It's literally six or seven minutes have for maintenance. And my gosh, I mean we feel amazing, right? Because like you said, things slip though too, right? They always have a weakness of mine is my lower back. Lee's, it's your hips. Right? And we tend to do through stress, lack of sleep, sitting too much.

Dr. Jericho: And that that's how we ended up getting those is that when we have stress on the body or those what we call micro traumas and it's when, hey, we know that when we sit for long periods of time, we start to. The body starts to break down. We're not designed to just be sitting all day and so it's whether we take a wrong step or we ride in the car, we get stuck on 95 traffic for an hour and a half. You know when we're on 95 traffic, your foot is stuck up on that gas pedal or up on the and so that actually shifts your hips down. So when we do those things, again, that's what we call micro traumas or small things over time, which will eventually break the body down.

Coach Adam: Right. That's crazy.

Coach Lee: And the stress of being on 95.

Dr. Jericho: And the stress of being on 95. 

Coach Adam: Not just, yes the mental stress, oh my god. 

Coach Lee: Being tense on that steering wheel.

Coach Adam: So if you're getting your body stronger, training with us, you're going to get out of whack, a little bit from stress or whatever. You go see Jericho for prehab, not when you're injured, you know not when you need it, it's for prehabbing, right?

Dr. Jericho: Yes.

Coach Adam: He's not your rack and crack 'em doctor. He wants to look at more and it's amazing how much the spine does deal with not just your back, right? It's nerves. It's all sorts of things.

Dr. Jericho: I mean, this is the pathway in which your brain literally tells your entire body what to do. It is that information pathway that we have. So our goal was we want to make sure that this pathway is working at its optimum as best as it can.

Coach Adam: Yeah. Do you have anything else to add Lee?

Coach Lee: That was a former patient, wasn't it? 

Dr. Jericho: Yes. Yeah. 

Coach Adam: They're looking a little thin.

Dr. Jericho: They never went and worked out. 

Coach Lee: So Dr. Jericho, when you have a new client come into your office, um, what do you do?

Dr. Jericho: Yeah. So when someone comes in, we do have a couple of forms that they have to fill out. We take it very extensive case history, Tory, find out exactly what's going on with the person and what other things that may be having going on. Then what we do is we actually do a neurological scan of all the nerves that was developed by NASA to assess these nerves to see if there is pressure on the nerve. After that, we'd take you back to our in-house digital x-ray unit where we take x-rays and see exactly how things are misaligned so that we pinpoint exactly what's going on. Again, we're not a rack 'em and crack 'em style office. We like to see exactly. Hey, what exactly is going on? We get very specific and we work on moving that back to where it belongs.

Coach Lee: Becasue they may have a certain complaint, but it might be a cause and effect of something else. 

Dr. Jericho: Exactly. So we want to find exactly the root cause and get to the root cause of the issue.

Coach Adam: Good stuff. Good stuff. So hey guys, Coach Adam, Coach Lee, Dr Jericho. The next RARE Experience is coming up April 7th, this Saturday and April 21st, we run two of those every month of the year. We're going to be doing more of those but twice a month here at RARE.

Coach Lee: 10:00 AM 

Coach Adam: On Saturdays. Check that out we'll be having more coming up. Again, more bootcamps as well. Jericho, if you need a consultation, go see him, drop in and see him. He'll take care of you. And again guys, we're on a mission to make Fredericksburg the healthiest and fittest city in America. We need your help to do that. We need your support and uh, hey, we appreciate all of you guys. Thanks for your time and uh, again, go see Jericho. Come see Lee.

Coach Lee: He's the man.

Coach Adam: And she's the woman. See you guys. Cool. Anything else you wanna great job.

Dr. Jericho: That was good. You see. How did you like being on camera?


Friday 6 April

Warm Up

2 Rounds

10 Banded Good mornings

10 DL 45/35

10 GHD back extn/supermans

10 KTE

10 push ups


A) Barbell Cycling


:25 seconds – AMRAP Clean and Jerks (135/95) (115/75) (95/55)

Rest :35


B) Deadlift (10 mins)

Build to 3RM


C) Conditioning



1 DL (405/285)

10 T2B

15 Barbell Facing Burpees




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