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Fueling Your Goals or Feeding Your Sabotaging Habits?

One of the best parts of being a Health Coach is watching athletes begin to crush their workouts with only small improvements in their nutrition. When they are eating the right foods in large enough quantities, their energy, endurance, and strength all begin to increase in powerful ways.

Changing your food may seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be!  My philosophy of baby steps and slow, sustainable changes makes it possible for anyone to improve their nutrition.   Lunch is the perfect example.  Used as an opportunity to fuel the body for a clear mind and a Coach Josh-style CrossFit workout, it needs to consist of healthy fats, good quality protein and plenty of vegetables.  Choosing fast food, sugar-heavy foods, or anything super processed will make you sluggish, body and mind.  When stated like that, the choice is an easy one!  

So where do you start?  Go check out my blog for two delicious and nutritious recipes to upgrade your lunch this week.  remember, keep it simple, start small, and be consistent.  Beginning with your, 'Why' is a gamechanger too!

If you would like to learn how to create a meal plan system that works for your lifestyle and goals, message me or find me in the box.  My 12 Week Meal Prep Course and Challenge began March 2nd, but it's not too late to catch up! It's part of The Garden, my online learning community, and the price can't be beat!  For only $25/month, you have access to this class, a community of support, and answers to all your nutrition questions from a source you know and trust, me!

Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach




Wednesday 7 March

Warm Up

10 Air Squats 2 Second Pause in the bottom

10 Jumping Air squats

2 Rounds

5 Front Squats 45/35

5 Power Clean

5 Hang Power Clean

5 Hang Squat Clean

10 Push press


A) Barbell Cycling (5 minutes)


5 Touch and Go Power Clean and Jerks

*athlete picks load


B) Barbell Cycling (20 mins)

5 rounds on the 4 minute mark

30 Air Squats

20/15 Cal Row

7 Clean and Jerks

*(135/95) (115/75) (95/65)


C) Recovery

Spend 10 minutes Rolling out, Crossover Symmetry work, and mobility 

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