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RARE Boot Camp - Lindsay's Testimonial from Adam Eidson on Vimeo.


Warm UP

Bear Crawl length of rig

Inch worm half length of rig

Explosive squat jumps half length of rig

10 Michael phelps

10 Press 45/35

8 wall walks or lateral wall walks

3 x PC progression



A) Strict HSPU (kipping/box/or strict press)

10 Minutes to complete below work


Rest 1 min


Rest :45


Rest :30


Rest : 15



B) 8 Rounds, every 3 mins

21/15 Cal Row

100 m Sandbag sprint


C) Midline

2 rounds

20 Russian Twists (weighted)

25 Abmat Situps same weight used for Russian twist

1:00 plank hold

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