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Warm UP

Buy in 200 m row

2 rounds

10 scapula push ups

10 Good mornings

10 supermans

10 DL with empt bar 45/35

10 wall walks or lateral wall walks



A) HSPU work (6 mins total)

AMARP 2:00

Dead stop HSPU (come to stop in the bottom and then press up)

Rest 1 min

AMRAP 2:00

Strict HSPU

Rest 1 min

Max strict press (95/65) (85/55) (75/45)

-no pausing in overhead or on rack


B) Conditioning (20 mins, set clock to 4:00 for 5 rounds: no rest)

5 rounds, Every 4 mins

12 T2B (knees to elbow/knee ups/ v-ups)

15 DL (185/135) (155/115) (135/95)

15/11 cal row


C) Midline

Accumulate 2:00 L-Sit (or hollow hold)

Every break 10 GHD sit ups or weighted sit ups

-Every time you break of feet touch do the GHD situps or weighted situps

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