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Warm Up

2 Rounds

10 ring rows

10 scapula pull ups

10 Air Squats

10 Back Squats with 45/35

10 OHS 45/35


3 X Snatch Progression (HS/HSK/Snatch from knees) 45/35


A) M/U progression: 3 Rounds (EMOM)

25 % Max unbroken Ring Muscle (Jumping Muscle up/M/U progression/Ring Dips)

35 % Max unbroken Ring Muscle

45 % Max unbroken Ring Muscle

Rest 1 min between rounds

(scale is jumping muscle ups/bar muscle ups/muscle up progression)


B) OHS/Snatch work (set clock to 1:30 intervals)

Every 1:30


3 X 3

Then (snatch primer) building sets

3 sets of Power snatch +Low Hang Squat + OHS


3x1 establish single heavy squat snatch

*athlete must have full squat for snatch if they do not or have mobility restrictions they will work depth and snatch work with empty bar or snatch progression work with empty bar during the heavy singles 

C) Conditioning

15 min AMRAP

60 D/U

30/21 cal row

15 OHS (115/80) (95/60) (74/40)


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