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I set New Year’s resolutions this year and by the second week of January had fallen off… again.


How do you actually accomplish your New Year’s resolutions.


Did you find yourself declaring one of these resolutions before the clock struck midnight on December 31st?


“I am going to eat healthier this year.”

“I am going to get more exercise this year.”

“I am going to save more money this year.”

“I am going to get more sleep this year.”

“I am going to read more this year.”


According to a YouGov poll, these are the top 5 most common aspirations for the coming year in the United States.  Almost one third of people said that they wouldn't be bothering with any resolutions. Here are the three biggest roadblocks why everyone fails to accomplish their resolutions and how to overcome these challenges.

  1. Overly ambitious goals


If this year you consistently went to the gym three times per week, what’s the likelihood that you’ll double that next year? Slim to none. When author Norman Peale wrote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars”, he probably didn’t mean always coming up with goals we’re almost certain not to attain.


Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty International, put more than five years of research into writing the book The ONE Thing. “What’s the one thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary”, he said and discovered an interesting pattern. Where he’d had huge success, he narrowed his focus, he had narrowed his concentration to one thing, and where his success varied, his focus had too.

It’s one thing to have ambitious goals and quite another to achieve them. Think big and take small action each and every day towards that goal.

  1. Lack of clarity


It’s great to say you want to get organized this year but what exactly does that mean?

According to a recent Forbes article, David Newman of plans to get organized, and he has a clear vision for what this means to him:

  • No piles in his office

  • Files weeded out and current

  • No "landing zones" in his office where clutter might accumulate


For you, this might be something entirely different -- and that’s perfectly ok. Maybe for you it means filing away every document you create into an organized filing draw and labeling everything to ensure it’s put away properly. You don’t have to do exactly what David did, however you must establish a well defined plan of what getting organized means to you.

  1. Make a Reset instead of a Resolution




According to the Huffington Post “A disadvantage of resolutions is that they typically have a clear start date, like Jan. 1, which tricks your brain into thinking that they have an end date, too. A reset, on the other hand, is about creating healthy habits for the long term.

January 1 is a new beginning and so is every other day. Maybe one of your goals this year is to lose 20 pounds. It would be great to lose it all and not put back on any, however let’s be realistic. More than likely you’ll lose a few pounds over the course of a couple weeks, then you might put one pound back on before losing a few more pounds over the next few weeks. Be realistic but do not compromise with your goal. Each day evaluate how it’s going and if today is one of the days you put one pound back on, you can hit the reset button.

Whatever you decide to commit to be sure to use the energy of a new year to get you started towards your goals. Remember, the biggest investment you can make is in your health and well-being.


2018. You got this.

Thursday 25 January


Rest/Active Recovery Day

-Do 10 minutes of active warmup; Inchworm, wall walks, double under work, 200-400m run

-Do Crossover Symmetry for 15 minutes.

-Pick a skill and work on it for 15 minutes. 

*Double unders and Gymnastic work are highly recommended in preparation for the open.

-Do mobility for 15 minutes: 5 minutes light rowing/bike, 5 minutes of foam rolling, and 5 minutes of band work. 

*if you just completed the 55 minute cycle this is a active recovery day.

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