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Tuesday 30 January

Warm UP

10 Michael phelps

10 Band Pull apart

10 Scapula push ups

Lateral Handstand Walks 10 meters x2

Snatch progression (HPS, HPS K, PS) X 3



A) Test (6 mins total)

Max Set of Strict HSPU in one minute

Rest 2:00 then EMOM X 3 sets at 30% resting


B) Power Snatch

EMOM x 10
2 reps (athlete picks load; work to do all sets at a minimum of 60% of 1rm)


C) Conditioning

5 Rounds

15 Power Snatches (75/55)(65/45)(55/35)

200 m Run

*Row 250 for inclement weather

**Rest two minutes then do part D


D) Midline

5 sets for time

20 weighted situps

20 russian twists with same weight used for situps


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