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Tuesday 23 January

Warm UP

10 Michael Phelps

10 Scapula Push ups

2 rounds

5 Wall Walks

5 Strict Knees to elbows

10 Scapula pull ups

10 HPC with 45/35


A) Strict HSPU (Every 1:30)

2 Rounds

60% of Max Unbroken HSPU

50% of Max Unbroken HSPU

40% of Max Unbroken HSPU

*if you have vertigo or shoulder impingement problems do 65, 55, 45Percent of Press for max reps from the rack


B) Conditioning
15 Min AMRAP

30 Double Unders

15 Power Cleans (115/80)(95/60)(75/40)

30 D/U

15 TTB

*with a continuous running clock/3 min rest after part B moving into Part C


B.) Midline

5 Rounds (For time)

4 L-Pull ups

8 Ring push ups

12 Cal Row

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