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Warm UP

2 Rounds

10 jumping squats

10 MED ball cleans

10 Wall Balls

Inch worm length or rig

2 rounds

10 Scapula pull ups

40 Second HS hold/HS walk work

10 Box Jump Steps ups (5 each leg)


A) Strict HSPU (Every 1:30)

2 Rounds

55% of Max Unbroken HSPU

45% of Max Unbroken HSPU

35% of Max Unbroken HSPU

*if you have vertigo or shoulder impingement problems do 60, 50, 40 Percent of Press for max reps from the rack


B) Conditioning
For time

400M Run, 30 Wall balls (20/14), 30 Box Jumps

400M Run, 21 KB Swings (53/35), 12 Pull ups (Jumping Pull ups/Ring Rows)

400M Run, 21 KB Swings, 12 Pull ups

400M Run, 30 Wall balls, 30 Box Jumps


B.) Gymnastics Work

4-14 Unbroken Chest to Bar (Pull ups/Jumping Pull ups/Ring Rows)

Rest 1:30 between sets


C. Midline

5x10 Strict toes to Bar (Kipping/Knees to elbow/Knee ups)

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