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Friday 5 January

Warm Up

200 Med Ball run with a partner

Partner Warm up

EMOM (6 mins total)

Wall Ball toss 15 m

Front squats with wall ball

-partner resting does mountain climbers

Wall Ball hug squat (goblet squat type squat)

-partner resting does push ups

Wall Ball toss over the rig with a squat in the bottom



A.) 3 OHS OTM x 7

3 OHS; building sets

*need to end near 80-85% of 1rm of OHS PR


B.)  Jenny

AMRAP in 20 mins

20 OHS 45/35

20 Back squats 45/35

400 meter run


C) After Burn

Every 2 mins x 5

25/18 cal row

-wall balls with remaining time




Hip smash

Roll out

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