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Over the next week we are celebrating our amazing clients here at RARE CrossFit.

Everyday we come in to work we can’t believe that we get to work with such

amazing people that inspire us by showing up day in and day out.


Today is Day 1 and I have to tell you about Ryan Starkey. He's lost 42 pounds already, 30 of those pounds were lost in the first two months training with us.


Ryan joined RARE CrossFit after his good friend and RARE Athlete Josh D. invited him in for a workout. After his first workout he was hooked.

"Emotionally and physically I was down on myself, I just knew something had to change, it just wasn't right. I was always coming home angry and upset about... you know... a lot of it was about myself." 

Check out his story below...



We are so proud of Ryan! He has made amazing progress this year towards his

goal of being happier, healthier and losing weight. Ryan has consistently shown up and worked at

getting better one day at a time. The results have been amazing ☺.



Keep up the amazing work Ryan.

Bring on 2018!

Coach Adam and the RARE Team


Tuesday 26 December

Warm UP

Burgener Warm Up (athlete led)

Lunge with rotation twist length of rig

Inch worm length or rig

10 Scapula pull ups

10 scapula push ups

2 Rds

1:00 Double Under practice

:30 second hold on the wall


3 Rounds (4:30)

35% of Max UnbrokenStrict HSPU rest :30

25% of Max UnbrokenStrict HSPU rest :30

15% of of Max UnbrokenStrict HSPU rest:30

*if you don’t have HSPU do it off a box

**if you have vertigo do max press with percentages above from last weeks test


B. Conditioning (20 min cap)

50/35 Cal Assault Bike (500/400m Row)

100 Double Unders (300 Singles)

800m Sandbag run

100 Double unders (300 Singles)

50/35 Cal Assault bike (500/400m Row)


C. Row Conditioning (13 mins)

OTM x 6: 40 Seconds on/20 off

Rest 1:00

OTM x 4: 40 Seconds on/20 off

Rest 1:00

OTM x 2: 40 Seconds on/20 off


Midline (2 min cap)

100 abmat situps for time

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