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Why Is Sleep So Important?


Arianna Huffington is a hugely successful businesswoman.  She had to learn about the negative effects of poor sleep the hard way.  Check out her TED talk above.

Quality sleep is key to so many health markers and is needed for you to repair your body after the expertly designed programing of Coach Josh.

THIS IS A BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR FESTIVUS CREW....GET SOME REST!!!   This holds true for Thursday night especially.  Sometimes it can be more difficult to get a quality sleep the night before a big event.  That means this THURSDAY night you need to get some quality ZZZs (7-8 hours).


See you all rested and ready to go Friday and the Festivus crews on Saturday!


October 12th, 2017



A) Skill Work: Double Unders/HSPU/Muscle Ups/Box Jumps

-pick something and work on it for 20 mins.


B) Festivus Athletes use this day as WOD prep and any last min work. Work any loads at only 50%. Tomorrow should be a complete rest day. Mobility only. 


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