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Feeling sore?  Get to bed earlier, Fredericksburg!

One of the most forgotten parts of muscle recovery is sleep.  With busy lives, phones that alert us to every social media update, and two or four legged kids to care for, sleep is often sacrificed.  This comes at a cost to our health, stress level, and muscle recovery.  Our bodies use sleep to recharge, and without it we suffer from depressed immune systems, fatigue, and overwhelm.   Check out this article for a bit more on the science of sleep for athletes.  

One of the ways I help my private clients to improve their sleep pattern is with a bedtime routine.  It might include a hot bath, reading, enjoying a funny tv show, some restorative yoga and stretching, foam rolling and calming essential oils.  Bedtime routines help you wind down from a busy day and signal the body and mind that bedtime is approaching.  You can begin building this routine with one step each week, maybe the bath or the stretching, and then when you are consistent with that first step, add a second step.  In this way, you can learn what works best for you and keep the parts that cause the zzz's!

If you have any questions about bedtime routines, or need some help getting started, just find me before or after a class, or message me!  I'm always happy to help!

Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Do you have questions on how to fuel your body before and after your workout?  Please join me on Sunday, October 15th at 1 p.m. for Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition for Everyday Athletes.  The class is FREE for everyone!  Please bring friends and family!  


October 3rd, 2017

Warm Up

Shoulder mobility rig

Scapula push ups

Handstand Work Get on the wall 5-mins of practice if you have it

6 HSPU deficit rest 1 min

5 HSPU deficit rest 45 sec

4 HSPU deficit rest 30 sec


A) Power Clean

75% 3 (3)

80% 2 (2)


B) Push Jerk

70% 3x5


C) Push Press

77% 5x5



2k Row

150 Double Unders

10 Rounds of Cindy



C) Cool Down

Barbell Smash

Lacrosse Ball Smash

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