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Caffeine Can Help With More Than Just an Energy Boost

Caffeine that we find in coffee or some of the pre-workout mixes, such as Spark, can help with more than just our needed kick in the booty to get our day going.  Some research is showing potential other benefits such as reduced muscle soreness.  Check out the article below.

In the Athlete's Edge store at RARE you can find both a special blend of RARE coffee or packets of Spark.  Get your jolt of caffeine in whatever form you like!


September 19th, 2017

Warm Up

Sumo Squat with KB 10-15 Second hold

2 Rounds slow pace

10 Push press 45/35

10 Goblet Squats with KB

10 Ring Rows

10 Push Ups


A)  Push Press

3rm in 15 min



200 M Sand bag run

12 Push Press (60% 3RM)

9   Back Squat with Push Press Weight

6   Ring Dips



C) Midline

3 Rounds

Front Plank 1:00


Rest :30

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