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You Are Missing Out!

I am way behind on posting about this, but if you have not tried Territory Foods that are delivered to the box then you are missing out.  When the family was out of town recently I decided to try a few of these meals and I was beyond impressed.  They were so tasty!  The meals can be customized to whatever diet/nutrition plan you are following and they provide all the information on ingredients and macros for those who are tracking your meals.  For those about to enter the Zone, did you hear that?  

There are plenty of selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Meals also range in size.  I went with the XL and split it into two meals.  This was a nice cost saver.  I also discovered that several of the meals were to be served cold and I thought that might be a little unusal but they were amazing as well.

These meals are prepared by real chefs who care about the way the food taste.  If you haven't tried a couple of meals yet give it a whirl.  Orders for the upcoming week need to be in by Thursday evening.  Also the Territory people will be at RARE tonight to hand out samples as part of the World's Best Bootcamp Fredericksburg - Bring A Friend event.  So grab a friend, bring them to the WBBC and try some of the amazing food Territory has to offer.  You won't be disappointed.


Thursday's Workout:

Warm UP

Coaches Choice

A) Squat Clean 75x2, 80x2, 85x2, 90%x1, 95%x1  

B) Back Squat 75x2, 80x2, 85x2, 90%x1, 95%x1

C) Row Conditioning 3 attempts at 500m PR -rest 3 mins b/w attempts

Cool Down

Coaches Choice

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