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September 8th, 2017

Warm Up

Team Warm Up

Shoulder Mobility on rig

Set up about 10m

This is a you go I go type deal racing other teams in the gym

Air Squats-Bear crawl 10 meters and back (air squats synched)

Push ups-Bear Crawl 10 meters and back (push ups synched)

Sit ups- Bear Crawl 10 meters and back (sit ups synched)

10 OHS w/ pvc pipe-bear crawl 10 meters (synched OHS)

Partner Wheel Barrow 10 meters then switch and yell “Done”

-team that wins picks burpee penalty for the class no more than 10



A) OHS 75% x3, 75x3, 80x1, 85x1, 90x1(2)

Rest 1 min b/w sets


B) “Hotshots 19”

6 Rounds

30 Squats

19 Power Clean 135/95

7 Strict Pull ups

400 meter run


Cool Down

High Fives, write down your Benchmark workout and hope to see you tomorrow. 


The story behind the WOD.

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, part of the Prescott Fire Department, heroically lost their lives Sunday, June 30th 2013, while battling the fire in Yarnell Hill in Arizona.

In memory of:

Jesse Steed (36), Wade Parker (22), Joe Thurston (32),
William Warneke (25), John Percin (24), Clayton Whitted (28),
Scott Norris (28), Dustin Deford (24), Sean Misner (26),
Garret Zuppiger (27), Travis Carter (31), Grant McKee (21),
Travis Turbyfill (27), Andrew Ashcraft (29), Kevin Woyjeck (21),
Anthony Rose (23), Eric Marsh (43), Christopher MacKenzie (30),
Robert Caldwell (23)


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