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Creating a Healthy Lifestyle, One Step at a Time in Fredericksburg!

Everyone wants there to be an easy answer to tough questions.   When you first started crossfit or boot camp, I know the coaches told you to be patient with the lifts because they told me too.  Still don't have a pull up?  Double unders? Overhead squat?  It's okay, they told me, with one small change at a time, you will get there.  

For a long time, I focused on how I used my breath during cleans and everything overhead.  Once I mastered that, I was able to think about my foot placement.  From there, the amazing coaches at RARE could correct my form with smaller changes, as my confidence grew.

If I had tried to get everything exactly perfect from day one, I would have failed.  And failed big!  Those baby steps continue to help me grow as an athlete, and I will keep learning the rest of my life about all the intricacies of crossfit.  


The same is true for a nutrition, meal prep, weight loss, and a healthy relationship with food.  That's why diets either don't work, or only work for a short period of time (usually followed by choices that undo any achievements).  It didn't take 30 days for you to create your current lifestyle, and it will take longer than that to make sustainable changes.  But I know it can be done and I'm happy to help you get there!  

Take the first step by finding me before or after class and introducing yourself, or ask me a question that you need some support with.  Meal Planning and Prep for Everyday Athletes is coming up in two weeks, and that will be a great way to get some practical steps and start moving towards your goals.  And have you noticed that it's FREE for all RARE members and troopers?  See you there!

September 6th, 2017

Warm Up

Shoulder mobility rig

Scapula push ups

Handstand hold 45 seconds x3 15 seconds rest



A) Strict Press

Build to ONE heavy set of 1


B) FT:

3 Rounds

400m Run

100 sit ups

50 push ups


C) Cool Down

Barbell Smash

Lacrosse Ball Smash

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