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Free Pull-Up Clinic This Saturday at RARE CrossFit In Fredericksburg

Last month, many of you attended our free rowing clinic and have seen great success in your workouts! This month we want to help you out with your pull-ups. Did you complete Tuesday's workout of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats feeling that the workout wouldn't have been too bad if only you were better at pull-ups? This Saturday is your chance to change that! In our free clinic you will learn how to build up the strength that is necessary in order to achieve your first strict pull-up. Did we mention that its free??!!


24 August, 2017

Warm UP

Coaches Choice


A) Squat Clean 70%x2, 75x2, 80x1, 85x1


B) Back Squat 70%x2, 75x2, 80x1, 85x1


C) Row Conditioning

3 x 800 meter repeats

-rest 2 min b/w rounds


Cool Down

Coaches Choice



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