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August 8, 2017

Whether before a workout, during a workout, throughout your day, or after a workout Amino Acids can help you get the results you want.  Protein plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes and Amino Acids are the building blocks of it.  Amino Acids helps promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time. Supplementation can also be used to prevent fatigue.  Who doesn't want that?

Warm Up

Lacrosse ball hip smash

Wrist mobility with the barbell the athlete uses for front squats.

2 Rounds

Sumo Squat with KB hold 10-15 Seconds

10 Back XTN

10 Sumo DL with kb used to sumo squat

10 Good mornings  


A) 1RM EST Hang Clean

Take 10-15 Min to Est Hang Clean


B) 4 sets of 50% of 1rm Ring Dip

Rest 1 min b/w sets.


C) 12 Min AMRAP

5 Clean and Jerks 155/105

10 DL 155/105

20 Burpees

200 meter run


D) Cool Down

Claves roll out on foam roller

Hamstrings and quad smash foam or barbell (athlete choice)



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