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Need Some New Shoes?

For the month of August we are running a referral challenge.  Now don't go and confuse this with our push-ups challenge!  That is about your fitness.  This challenge is about growing our family.  This challenge is about sharing all the wonderful things you love about RARE with your friends and family.  We get to expand our amazing community and share the love.

Also did we mention that the winner gets a pair of cross training shoes of their choice!!!!  Say What!

You like No Bulls, Nanos, Inov8s, Metcons, or whatever.  You choose the style and color they are all yours.

It is easy as pie (Paleo Pie that is) to refer someone.  You can go to the RARE website here.

Or you can click the Easy Button below.

August 3, 2017

Warm Up

Coaches Choice


A) Clean practice

Working on mechanics and tech of SC work


B) High hang squat clean

2 reps - EMOM 10 min - building load


C) 15 min AMRAP

Run 400m

9 DL  - 135/95   

6 HPC - 135/95

3 wall walks



3 Rounds


rest :30

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