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Time for Ice Cream, Fredericksburg!?

Certain people in my house have been craving ice cream lately.  Okay fine, it's me!  

Ice cream is pretty much the opposite of me reaching my goals.  Would it be a big deal to have some, not really.  But for me, 'some' turns into a new flavor every few days.  My solution is to skip the ice cream and make a few varieties of fruit 'sorbet.'


For example, did you know you can put frozen bananas and frozen berries in the food processor and turn it into a sweet, cold sorbet-like snack?  It's absolutely that simple!  For more recipes, check out this website, Yonanas.  You don't need to buy the appliance, just use your food processor or vitamin blender.  

The combinations are endless!  

August 2, 2017

Warm Up

40 Second HS hold: 20 seconds rest x 3 Rounds

2 Rounds

10 BJ Step Up and over 24/20

10 Push Ups

10 Strict press 45/35

10 Band Pull Aparts


A) Strict Press

@10X1 – building to ONE heavy set of 8


B) ABMAT situp

AMRAP in 30 sec; rest 30 sec x 6 sets - LOWEST score is your total reps


C) FT:


BB push press - 95/65#


Row cals


Cool Down

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