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RARE CrossFit's August Fitness Challenge

For the entire Month of August all athletes can compete in our push-up challenge.  We will dedicate one section of the whiteboard so that athletes can list their names and keep a tally of the number of push-ups they do for the month of August.  The winner of the month gets bragging rights and maybe something else special!  


1. Push-ups can be from the toes or if needed modified from the knees.  See video below.

2. Push-ups from warm-ups and workouts DO count towards your total. So don't forget to keep track of those.

3. As mentioned above it is your responsibility to keep track of the number of push-ups you do and update the whiteboard when you are in the box.

4. Be honest and have fun.

Here is a video that reviews the standards for our push-ups.


This month will be an individual challenge but we do have plans for future monthly challenges of teams and coaches vs. gym members.


August 1, 2017

Warm Up

Band Flossing on the rig(shoulders/legs)

2 Rounds

10 Goblet Squats

10 Ring Rows

20 Double Unders


A) 1 Max Set of Ring Dips: 3 Attempts.

- No more than 2 minutes to complete. Only 30 seconds rest b/w sets


B) Front Squat

15 reps - every 4 min x 3 sets


C) Reverse Sled Drag

HEAVY x 50m - with partners x 3 sets; rest as needed


D) 6 RFT:

5 strict pull ups

100' lunges

5 strict TTB

30 DU


Cool Down

Lacross Ball Hip Smash

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