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Next Sunday (Aug 6th) We Will Be Watching the Finals of the CrossFit Games Together!

Details will be on the Prepare For Glory Facebook page.  Good times with food, drink and games!

The RARE community will gather to watch the best in our sport compete to be the Fittest Man and Woman on the planet!

Saturday 29 July


A) Warm Up

Coaches Choice


B) For Time

3 Rounds


25 Box Jumps 24//20

25 Cal Row

25 Walking Lunges w/ plate overhead

5 Muscle Ups*


*if athlete cant do muscle ups, the athlete will do 5 muscle up transitions on the rings. If the athlete can’t do Muscle up transitions, the athlete will do 15 dips on the box and 15 push ups.

**If you wish to do as a team; numbers double. Whichever teammate is not working, the other athlete does ball slams 20 for men 14 for women.


C) Cool Down

Barbell Smash (Quads)

High Fives and have a safe and enjoyable weekend. 

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