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Time to Relax and Restore, Fredericksburg!

After a long week of WOD's, it's important to honor the work your body did and restore!  Lucky for us, we have yoga on Sunday to make that happen! 


New to yoga?  This is the perfect class to help you get started!  Bobbi, of Gray Dog Yoga, is an incredible teacher, and restorative yoga is a gentle introduction to some of the asanas, or poses, in yoga.  Need an example?  'Legs up wall' is one of the six or seven poses we enjoyed last month with Bobbi. It's one that I practice every night as part of my foam rolling and stretching routine.  


The class is free for RARE members, as well as WBBC Troop 23.  If you'd like to bring a friend or family member, or you are a member of an earlier WBBC Troop, please bring $10 cash for the class.


Here'a a link for the event!  See you Sunday, July 30th at 11 a.m.


Wednesday 26 July

Warm Up

Scapula Band mobility on the rig (coaches choice)

10 m Inch Worm

10 m Quad pull

10 Michael Phelps

10 Strict press (45/35)

40 Second Hand Stand Hold (20 Second Rest) 3 rounds


A) Strict Press

@10X1 - building to 1 heavy set of 10


B) Strict Toes to Bar

10,10,10; rest 90 sec


C) FT:

10 renegade rows

50m Farmers Walk (FW) – 2 pood/1.5pood

8 renegade rows

50m FW - HEAVY

6 renegade rows

50m FW - HEAVY

4 renegade rows

50m FW - HEAVY

2 renegade rows

50m FW – HEAVY


D) Cool Down

Foam shoulder mobility

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