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One of the Most Informative Websites Around is one of the best websites to get information about supplements.  It breaks down all the scienctific studies and information and summarizes all of that into an easy to understand format.  Also if you are science geek you can nerd out on all the additional information as well.  This month we have talked a lot about fish oil and here is the details from on it...enjoy.


Tuesday 25 July

Warm Up

200m Row

Rig Band Flossing

Lacrosse Ball hip mobility

2 Rounds

10 Air Squats (3 second hold in the bottom)

10 In place lunges

10 Scapula Push Ups

10 Scapula Pull Ups


A) Front Squat

20 reps - every 5 min x 3 sets


B) Sled Drag

HEAVY x 50m - with partners x 3 sets; rest as needed


C) 5 RFT:

3 wall walks

30 DU

5 strict pull ups

300m row


D) Cool Down

Roam Roll claves

Shoulder mobility with bands on rig

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