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This Sunday (16th): Breakfast For Everyday Athletes

On Sunday Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Jen Miller will be teaching her Breakfast For Everyday Athletes class as part of her Nutrition for Everyday Athletes series. Jen is a Nutrition Ninja with years of coaching individuals, groups and at corporate locations. She brings her unique perspective on healthy eating and her practical tips for lifestyle change. Ready to Change your Relationship with Food?

This class is FREE for RARE members and WBBC members. That a $25 value. Thank you Ms. Miller!


Next Saturday (22nd): Free Rowing Clinic  

Next Saturday after the 9am class there will be a FREE Rowing Clinic from 10:15 to 10:45.  Coach Josh will be taking a group of athletes through the finer points of rowing.  New PRs for your 500m, 1k, and 5k will be just around the corner.  No one should row like Mr. Bean.

Saturday's Workout:

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