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Fredericksburg- Your Very Own RARE Badass Finishes a Sprint Tri

Last weekend at the Colonial Beach Triathlon Festival

your very own Joe Segar ran a Sprint Tri!

That's a 750-meter swim, 20k-bike ride and a 5k-run.

No big deal, Right?

We are so proud of him.

You are truly an inspiration to us all.



Friday 14 July, 2017

Warm Up

10 Scapula push ups

10 Michael phelps

Then Partner warm up

2 rounds

Lunges length or back and forth (partner sits in bottom of squat as you go back and forth of the rig)

10 1 Legged Squats pistols (partner may lean on you) 5 each leg

10 Wall Balls (partner burpees as you go, then switch)

20 sit ups (partner sits in bottom as you go)


A) Back Squat

1RM in 15 min


B) Back Squat


@30X0 - 85% of A for an AMRAP set



150 WB - 20/14#


Cool Down

Shake it out. High Fives and come out for Saturday Community work out. 

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