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How Do You Fuel Your Body Before Working Out?

This week we are brining you SFH Fuel Protein.

SFH Fuel is an anytime protein to fuel your daily needs. SFH FUEL combines non-denatured whey protein derived from the milk of grass-fed, free range cows, coconut fat (MCTs) and apple pectin (a mixture of medium glycemic carbohydrates in a matrix of natural fiber).

SFH FUEL may be used anytime of the day: morning smoothie (or alone in water or coffee-Coach Adam's go to), pre-workout, in duration of an endurance event or snack before bed.  There is no substitute for real food. SFH Fuel is a great snack to hold you over to your next meal.

Do you regularly take protein?  If not you should be. If you are going to take it every day why not SAVE 5% and sign up for our RARE Subscription Service!  Talk to any of your coaches today.


Thursday 13 July, 2017

Warm Up

10 shoulder pass through

3 Rounds

5 Barbell strict press 45/35

4 Wall Walks

3 Ring Dips (strict no kipping)

10 Double Unders/ 30 Singles


A) Behind the Neck Strict Press

Building to a 1RM in 12 min


B) 20 min AMRAP:

Run 400m

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 sit ups

20 DU


Cool Down

Band Flossing

Barbell smash (shoulders/quads)

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