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Making Breakfast Work for Your Schedule, Fredericksburg

One of the excuses that I hear frequently is "no time" when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast.  My answer is always the same, "Make it the night before!"


Using weekend prep, your crockpot, or leftover dinner is a great way to make sure that you fuel your body before the day begins.  Smoothie kits, crockpot oatmeal and breakfast soup end the excuses and give your body what it needs to recover from workouts, make healthier choices and achieve your weigh goals.  


Need more tips?  Join me on Sunday at 1 p.m. for Breakfast for Everyday Athletes.  The class is free for RARE members as well as WBBC troopers, past and present.  Need a ticket for a friend?  Here's a link with more information about the class.  


If you have any questions, message me or catch me before or after class!


Jen Miller, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Wednesday 12 July, 2017

Warm Up

500 meter row

2 Rounds

10 Banded Good mornings

10 Barbell Good mornings 45/35

10 Thrusters 45/35

10 second hold for Sampson stretch


A) Sumo Deadlift

5RM in 15-20 min


B) 4 rounds:

3 min amrap:

10 double KB DL

10 burpees

10 double KB thruster - 12/16kg

AB 10 cals

rest 3 min b/w rounds


Cool Down

100 Meter slow row

Downward dog


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