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Do You Need Help With Setting and Achieving Goals?

Coach Adam will be leading a Coaching Session from 11:00 to ~12:00 at RARE this Saturday July 8th.  

Do you struggle with setting goals?  

Do you set to many goals and never accomplish any of them?

Let Coach Adam share with you some of his experiences and lessons he has learned from his mentors. Anyone is welcome to participate. You don't need to be a member at RARE to reap this benefit.  


See you there!

Saturday 8 July, 2017

Warm UP

Coaches Choice

A) Behind the Neck Strict Press

@30X0; 4-6 x 3; rest 60-90 seconds


B) Chin over bar hold

MAX effort x 1


C) Assault Bike

Sprints - 20 sec HARD rest walk 1:40 x 8 sets


Cool Down

High Fives and have a awesome weekend. 

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