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So Many PRs...Why You Need to Track Them!

Over the last couple of weeks (and especially this week) the coaches at RARE have seen numerous PRs by our athletes.  First and foremost...Congratulations!  You have put in a ton of hard work and it is paying off.  Now, comes the important task that you need to document those PRs and your other workouts.

Check out the article linked here.

It has some good info on the importance of keeping a workout journal.  Next time your coach ask what was your last 5 Rep Max Deadlift you will have the answer!

Thursday 29 June 2017

Warm Up

Hunger Games warm up


A) Strict Press

5RM in 15 min


B) Pendlay Row

@1112 - 8RM in 15 



1 min FLR

1 min side plank/side

rest walk 60 sec x 2


D) 10 min AMRAP @90% Aer effort:

Row 2000/1800m

AMRAP burpee over rower in remaining time


Cool Down

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