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Hey Fredericksburg, Double Under Clinic on Saturday!

The clinic you've been waiting for is here!  On Saturday, the RARE Coaches will be putting on a 30 minute double under clinic to help you finally achieve a consistent double under!  


There will be a surprise vendor.  You know him well...Big Papa!  Vic will have Momentum Gear ropes for demonstration and for sale after the clinic.  There are a variety of handle colors and rope colors to choose from.  Mix and match to make your unique rope.


Friday 23 June, 2017

Warm Up

Partner Warm Up

1min Amrap Wall Ball Toss over the rig

1min Wall Ball Toss to each other

1min Med Ball Clean, Other Partner Sits in the bottom of the squat

-Flip flop; 4 total minutes

Power Clean progression 5 hang, 5knees, 5 from ground then hit it


A) Power Clean

Building to ONE heavy set of 2 - then take 85% and complete 3 more sets of 2 at that weight; rest 60-90


B) Front Squat

8 reps x 3 sets; rest as needed - HEAVY sets


C) 4 RFT:

Row 250m

12 Russian KBS – 2/1.5 pood

Run 200m

12 WB - 20/14#


Cool Down

100 meter slow row

Barbell or Foam smash

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