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Yoga for Crossfitters, Fredericksburg

Crossfitters are known for their strength, endurance and functional fitness.  One thing we are not (yet) known for is the ability to rest and recover.  We love to push those big weights, test ourselves with the challenging WODs and see the growth.  But have you taken the time lately to recover?  That's what restorative yoga is all about and we are bring it to RARE!  Please join Bobbi of Gray Dog Yoga at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 25th, to experience this calming, mobilizing form of yoga.  No prior experience is required!

Still not convinced?  Check out this article on the benefits of having both crossfit and yoga as part of your workout routine.

Wednesday 21 June, 2017

Warm Up

PVC shoulder Pass through x 5

2 Rounds: Partner you go I go

10 Good Mornings 45/35

10 Back XTN ( On the GHD or you can do on the ground)

10 Jumping air squats



@3010; 8 reps HEAVY/leg x 3; rest 2 min


B) Deadlift

@2020; 8 reps x 3 sets; rest 60-90 seconds b/w sets - tough sets, control lower


C) FT:

Row 500m

50 air squats

6 HPC - 155/105#

Row 500m

40 jump lunges


Row 500m

30 jump squats

12 HPC


Cool Down

Flossing on the rig

Barbell smash or foam roll out


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