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Tuesday 20 June, 2017

Rare Community, tap on the link for an in-depth study on creatine and its side effects. This part of the continuing education on creatine and if it is the right supplement for you. Copy and past the link below and put it into the web browser.


Warm Up

250 meter row/bike/ 200m run athletes choice

3 Rounds 10 reps each movement. Not for time

Ring Rows

Scapula Push Ups

Sit ups


A) Push Press

8 reps x 3 sets; rest 60- 90 seconds- HEAVY sets


B1) Close Grip Bench Press

@30X0; 8 reps x 3 sets; rest 30 sec


B2) Pull up complex:

3 weighted pull ups 5 strict pull ups 7 kipping pull ups rest walk 2 min


C) 12 min AMRAP @80-85% consistent effort per round:

1,2,3,4,5,6 etc.

Push ups

BJSD - 24/30"



Cool Down

Down Ward Dog

Lacrosse Ball Smash

Foam roll out

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