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Just arrived, and Coach Hud Approved - Fit Aid RX

So, what is all this Fit Aid stuff anyway you may ask?  

And why is Coach Hud so obsessed with it?

Here's the run down, straight from Fit Aid themselves.

The FITAID Recovery Blend provides high quality, clean nutrients to help your body recover after

intense activity or exercise. FITAID delivers BCAAs, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Vitamins C & D3, B Complex,

Glucosamine, Turmeric, CoQ10, Omega 3. Our raw organic agave accommodates the glycogen window and provides

your body with a complete and clean recovery. From elite athlete to those with active lifestyles, FITAID keeps

you on the move.


SO the next time you are at the gym, grab a Fit Aid and be like Coach Hud!

I am sure he wouldn't mind sharing.

Thursday's Workout:

A1) Strict press

@30X0; 6 reps x 3; rest 30 sec - HEAVY

A2) Pendlay Row

@3112 6 reps x 3 rest 2 min

B) 3 sets:

AMRAP 1 min strict dips - Lower SLOW and pause at bottom

Rest 1 min

1 min chin over bar hold using supinated grip

Rest 1 min

1 min FLR on rings

Rest as needed

C) 12 min AMRAP @80-85% sustained effort:

AB 0.5 miles

10 HPC - 135/195#

Row 350m

10 PP - 135/95#

- Your goal is the same times per round!

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