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We are once again stocked up on our Awesome SFH Protein.  And because Raf and Melda requested it, we now have the newest flavor

of SFH Protein in our RARE Retail Area.  Churro flavored Pure Protein is in the house.  All I can say is it is delicious.  Packed with 22 grams

of protein and derived from A2 milk, it is one of the cleanest supplements on the market.  It also really does taste like Churro’s.


There are no added carbohydrates or sugars in SFH and it is gluten and soy free.  Another added bonus is that this protein is Whole 30 challenge

approved.  Curious about sampling our SFH products, make sure you are at our Open House on May 13th from 12 pm to 4 pm.  SFH is among the

list of awesome vendors that will be present, and who knows what may appear in our raffle.


Tuesday's Workout:

A) Push Press + Push Jerk
1.1 - every 75 sec x 10 sets - building load

B1) DB Arnold Press
@2112; 10,10,8,8; rest 10 sec

B2) Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-up

@2112; 4-6 x 4; rest 75 sec

C) 5 rounds:

4 wall walks

6 strict TTB

50m FW - HEAVY

35 DU

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