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We really can't express how proud and happy we are of all of you!

You put it all out there... and each of you did what you always do, work hard, be true to yourself and show up to the world as amazing human beings.

We are thankful to have such amazing individuals who are a part of our community and represent RARE so well.

We appreciate each and every one of you.


Monday's Workout:

A) Hang power snatch + Hang power snatch below the knee
2.2 - EMOM 10 min - building load, skill based

B)Back Squat
@2221; 10,10,10; Increase load from previous week

C) 3 sets:
20 Russian twists
rest 30 sec
20m sled reverse drag
20 weighted sit ups
Rest walk 1 min

D) 10 min AMRAP @80-85% - sustained effort
Run 200m
10 DB PS
Row 200m
10 DB FS

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