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We have been posting lots of awesome pictures from our new facility, but I wanted to take a moment

to reflect on where we have come from.  The following  photo's are from the facility we just moved from.


It has taken 8 1/2 years to grow from a 300 square foot Gym to the facility we are at today, and we could not

be more proud.  It is because of YOU and the awesome community we call RARE that we are able to accomplish

our dreams.





A. Push press + Power jerk

    • 3.1 x 6 sets; rest 2 min

B1. Single Arm OH DB Press

    • @2112; 8-10/arm x 3; rest 10 sec

B2. Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-up

    • @1112; AMRAP set in 1 min; Rest as Needed

C. 5 rounds:

    • 50m FW - tough
    • 5 wall walks
    • 20 sit ups
    • 10 KTE

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