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Time to Level Up, Fredericksburg!

If you haven’t been to 3.0 yet, you are in for a real treat.  The new building is incredible.  It has so much space, the new rig, and best of all, a feeling of brand new beginnings.  With my blog today, I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to hit the reset button for yourself. 


What do you need to level up?


  1.  Find an accountability partner!  We have an amazing community at RARE.  If you need a buddy, all you need to do is speak up and many people will answer the call!
  2. Start recording your results for every single workout.  No more excuses!
  3. Focus on your wins.  Did you stay hydrated this week?  Win.  Did you fit into your skinny jeans?  Win.  Did you PR your close grip bench press?  Win.


Keep those questions coming, RARE Family!  I love to talk nutrition and your questions allow me to help you level up. 


New classes will be on the schedule soon including the Nutrition for Everyday Athletes series, a Smoothie and Juicing class, and a class on Sugar. 



Wednesday's Workout:

A) Backrack Lunge
20 reps x 3; rest as needed - Tough load

B)Every 8 min complete:
Row 500m
20 jump lunges
15 Russian KBS
40 DU
x 4 sets

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