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This coming Friday 7th April is not only the Eve of our big move to RARE 3.0 on Houser Drive, it will also be

the last 7pm Barbell class at our current location. That being said, we want to make it a little extra special. 

We are dusting off the trophy belt and setting up for a Jerk Off and Snatch Off Event.


For those of you who have never participated before, it is a fun time to compete with

your fellow athletes and see who has the heaviest weight on their 1 RM Jerk and 1 RM Snatch. 

The winner gets their name put on the trophy belt, and bragging rights in the gym.


So who is going to topple Coach Jim from his podium position?  


Tuesday's Workout:

A) Strict Press - Build to Max

B) Weighted Strict Pronated Pull-Up - building to a max

C) Row 2K time trial

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